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Fostering Explained

When a child or young person is no longer able to live with their birth family, the aim of fostering is to enable them to continue ‘family’ life. Young people can come into care for a whole variety of reasons, sadly many will have been in disruptive chaotic situations prior to this happening. Many will have experienced neglect, abuse or violent situations. This can result in a range of behavioural problems making it difficult for them to have confidence and trust in people. Foster carers must be emotionally resilient and be able to show patience and understanding. This is important as once a child’s situation is stabilised, the foster carer can then provide support for their education and future independence.

Foster carers have to be prepared to be flexible as children may stay only a few days in the case of an emergency placement, a few months or, if a long term placement, many years.

Becoming a foster carer can seem daunting but carers are part of a team that includes social workers where everyone is working together in the best interests of a young person.There are few things more rewarding than providing that individual with the chance of a better future.

Helping You Do a Great Job

We recognize that our foster carers need on-going support and encouragement. After all, you’re fulfilling a very important and sometimes challenging role. Which is why here at 24Seven, we offer a high level of support such as comprehensive training programmed in order to help in your day to day care tasks, group meetings where you can talk through any problems and issues, support from a supervising social worker and, of course, regular telephone contact. We have also recently appointed a Participation Officer in order to give that bit extra support to the children and young people using our services.

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"24 Seven were soon to take away our reservations and any fear we had of failing. We were nurtured and guided through what should be a very nerve wracking time. Instead, it was to be a time of revisiting our past and looking forward to the future with open minds and realising we made the right choice to foster."