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What happens after you express an interest in Fostering?

foster care londonOur first step is to send you an information pack with an enclosed application form. After we have received your application we will visit you in your home. If you have a partner we will ask you to choose a time when we can see you together.


Your first enquiries are registered as an interest in fostering. We will invite you to attend a three-day course and it is at this time that we will cover all aspects of fostering. This training has been designed by the Fostering Network and is called ‘Skills to Foster.’ The skills to foster course offers you an opportunity to meet other people who have expressed an interest in fostering. We ask foster carers who are already approved to come along to the training and share their experiences with you. If you are intending to foster as a couple we recommend that you should both attend this course.

Foster Carer Handbook

To request a Foster Carer’s Handbook (You must be an approved foster carer) please request by email here.

Training Courses

Foster Carers page

As a foster carer, you are giving a child in need the chance of a better life. You provide not just the basics such as food and shelter but support, encouragement, reassurance, self-esteem and most importantly love.


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"24 Seven were soon to take away our reservations and any fear we had of failing. We were nurtured and guided through what should be a very nerve wracking time. Instead, it was to be a time of revisiting our past and looking forward to the future with open minds and realising we made the right choice to foster."