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Who We are

The name 24 Seven was chosen as it symbolises continuity, and our logo represents the home. Home is a sanctuary from the stresses of the world; a place of security that provides care and warmth. 24seven wants its foster homes to be a haven for the children who need our care and support, and we rely on our Foster Carers to give the utmost care and consideration in regards to the needs and development of the children and young people.


Our Foster Carers come from many different cultures and backgrounds, and warmly welcome the children and young people, no matter the young person’s race, gender, sexuality and faith. 24seven’s staff and social workers will support our Foster Carers to help the children and young people in our foster homes to attain the best possible outcomes for each of them.

Our Philosophy

We have chosen the name 24 Seven Fostering for our agency because it symbolizes the work we do which is providing services to Local Authorises and support to foster carers 24 hours, 7 days per week. We recognise and acknowledge that the children and families, with which we come into contact, have different levels of needs and our service needs to be available to them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Britain is a multi-racial and multi-culture society, thus 24 Seven Fostering represents this type of diversity and richness within the staff employed by us. We also believe that the 24 Seven Fostering is a sign of promise and that by working together adults can make a promise to children and young people to respect and honour their inalienable rights as humans and individuals as stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and adopted by Britain. This equally applies to foster Carers, staff and professionals with whom we work to achieve best practice in foster care.


Our Values

We work with Integrity, Honesty, Listening, Learning, Inclusion, Care, Appreciation and Respect.


We at 24 Seven believe that all our values are interlinked we like to listen thoughtfully and when we listen we know and when we know we learn. We strongly believe in integrity which comes from being honest, including others and finding common ground and making right choices, doing our part, being reflective and consciously aware of our actions. What we do, why we do and how we do. We appreciate, care and respect.


The 24 Seven symbol represents continuity in our care, round –the-clock support and embracing of the diversity the lives vast richness of the communities we serve. It is our promise to continue to strive to improve the lives of children and young people and this equally applies to everyone, be they foster carers, staff, or professionals with whom we work to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children young people in foster care.

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